Our Mission

This website is totally dedicated to the contemporary Political, Economic, and Social issues which is going to have any tangible impact on India. We would be 100% non-partisan, apolitical in our analysis of the issues and would appreciate and criticize the politicians and political parties based on their actions. A network of Journalists in India would be associated with us and we would try to be as objective as possible and our writings would have no reflection of any political leanings. 

PolityIndia.com is a very serious effort on our part to start a national debate on major issues affecting India. We also have plans to make the website very interactive where people can post their own views on different issues and eventually make the website such a potent force that the politicians would be forced to take notice of the opinion expressed on the website and they would start thinking of doing things which are not only good for them or their parties but also good for our country. We hope that we would be able to make the point that the politicians are not doing us any favour by being a part of the legislative process - they should think of it as a job and not an entitlement and do their best to perform their duties in a manner which is optimally in the best interest of us - the Indian people.

We would be very reasonable but very hard hitting and forthcoming in our approach. In other words, we would call a spade a spade. Our goal is to inform as many people as possible of the issues affecting them with no element of theatrics - the message would be conveyed to the people in just plain, simple english.  


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Ram Nath Kovind

Ram Nath Kovind (born 1 October, 1945) is the 14th President of the Republic of India. He was sworn in as President of India on 25 July, 2017 succeeding Pranab Mukherjee.


Prime Minister

narendra modi

Narendra Modi (born 17 September, 1950) is the 15th Prime Minister of the Republic of India. He was sworn in as the Prime Minister on 26 May, 2014 succeeding Dr Manmohan Singh.


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