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  • Written by Punyatma Sharan, Founder/CEO - PolityIndia.Com, has a BA (Political Science) from India and MBA (Finance) from USA.

ModiFriday the 13th, which is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition proved to be a good day for India in September, 2013. The rapists and killers of Amanat were given the death sentence and BJP, led by Rajnath Singh, finally announced the name of Narendra Modi as the party's Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 Parliamentary elections.

L K Advani at his age of 87 still subscribes to 'Mungeri Lal ke Haseen Sapne' of becoming the PM. He simply does not realise that more than 50% of India is below 30 years of age and his thinking does not resonate with the country. He and some of his supporters did their best to stop the nomination of Narendra Modi but BJP’s parliamentary board, the highest body of 12 people, were successful in elevating him to be the party’s PM candidate. There were people opposing him who have not fought a single election in their entire life and are taking refuge in Rajya Sabha. I was talking to a Congress party MP recently who is also a party insider and very close to the Gandhi family. He said that some people in BJP who are close to L K Advani are opposing Narendra Modi within the party because they are on the payroll of the Congress party. Their opposition to Narendra Modi is more intense than their opposition to the Congress party.

Even though I am being given the credit of being the first person in the country to talk about Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister in my article published in September, 2011 and also endorsing him to be the next PM in another two articles published in April and June of 2012, I do not want to gloat over my predictions and would try my best to further dissect and analyse the coming 2014 Parliamentary elections. I am not a supporter of any political party but feel very strongly that Narendra Modi would be very good for the country. I am receiving hundreds of messages from people who are giving me credit of being the first person to endorse Narendra Modi to be our next PM. I want to thank all of you and seriously hope that my analysis is correct. I am also giving the link to my previous articles on Narendra Modi.

September, 2011

April, 2012

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The country has seen rampant corruption in the recent past and we have totally lost confidence in our politicians who are supposed to give direction and govern our country. This lost confidence is directed at all the politicians in general and the UPA government led by the Congress party in particular. Most of our politicians try to give the impression that they are honest and give a speech against political corruption. Their statement is as true as a man saying that he buys PLAYBOY magazine to read the articles. It seems that the behaviour and statements of most of our politicians gives out the message that they are not a product of  Darwin’s theory of evolution. They are a living testament of the theory that “Insaan pehle Bandar tha”.

The country is crying for a leader who can lead the nation and inject a very heavy dose of character, honesty and integrity in our polity and steer the country in the direction of trust and confidence. After the euphoria of him getting the nomination is over, Narendra Modi has to realise that history has given him a chance to do a very difficult job and he has to be very prudent and pragmatic to deliver.

I have some suggestions for him and his team and feel very strongly that they should try to incorporate them in their political strategy. The DO's and DONT's, in my opinion, are:


- He should apologise to the Muslim community in the country for the Godhra riots in Gujarat. He should not get involved in the discussion of the people involved in it. He should just simply say "I am sorry and I take the moral responsibility for it because it happened on my watch”. It is very likely that the Congress party and the media would jump on this issue but he has to talk about it. If he doesn’t, the Congress party would try to make the 2014 Parliamentary election a referendum on Godhra. By not talking about it would not make the issue go away.

- He should talk very extensively about the economy. Even after more than 60 years of our independence, more than 270 million people live below the poverty line.

- He should talk about all the terrorist activities inflicted on the country by Pakistan and a very strong message has to go out that we have zero tolerance for their nefarious activities and if they don’t stop, we are going to come after you.

- As the chairperson of the election committee, he should finalise the candidates for all the Lok Sabha seats by December 31, 2013. The criteria of the selection should be based on education, honesty, integrity, intelligence and the public image of the candidate. All the candidates should be sent to their constituencies in the first week of January and they should meet, interact and work with the constituents until the election is over. The selected candidates should be a resident of that area and familiar with the local issues. Under no circumstances, any candidate should be air dropped because of their “political connections”. 

- He should talk directly to the people of the country on all issues. He should travel to all corners of the country and inform them about his plans for the country.

- He should also give a clear message to the Muslim community that India is for all and they should feel as safe and comfortable as any other community living in the country. He should talk about INCLUSIVE GROWTH for all. He should give out the message that all Muslims in the country should be as safe and prosperous as the Muslims living in Gujarat.

- He should be very careful of the snakes in BJP who were conspiring against him and are now singing songs in his praise after his elevation as the party's PM candidate.

- The key words in his campaign speech should be DEVELOPMENT and CORRUPTION FREE India.


- He should never use the word Hindutva and Ram Mandir in his speech. Everyone in the country is as sick and tired of Congress party rhetoric of minority appeasement to get Muslim votes as they are of BJP’s beating drum of Hindutva and Ram Mandir to consolidate Hindu votes. I know people from BJP who live a life of luxury and use the name of a person like Ram who went to live in the jungles for 14 years to honour the wishes of his step mother. If these kind of people try to emulate Ram and become even 10% of him, BJP would become a better party.

- He should never accept Mala and Mukut from his supporters and followers and immediately end the culture of MALA and MUKUT in the political culture. It makes me sick to see people putting Mala in the neck and Mukut on the head of our politicians. India is a vibrant democracy and not a monarchy. Only those people should be in public life who have the convictions to serve the people and it should not be very difficult to find 543 of them to be in the Lok Sabha. These 543 people would be the candidates for election and not coronation and Mala and Mukut should simply have no place in the polity.

- He should never get embrolied in a discussion initiated by the Congress party. They would try very hard to deflect the attention the party is facing because of all the corruption charges. The party is a very well oiled political machine and they know how to get things done. A case in point is Digvijay Singh. He does not say controversial things by accident. He says things because of a well crafted design and that is his job and he does it very well. There is no doubt that the party has a Ph.D in political management while other parties are still struggling to finish high school.

- He should never take the name of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi or Robert Vadra in his speech. He should talk about the rampant corruption in the country and respect the intelligence of the people to connect the dots.

 - My sources in the Congress party have informed me that they are totally convinced that they cannot win the 2014 elections and a decision has already been taken that Priyanka Gandhi is going to take the plunge and lead the party in the 2014 elections. Sonia Gandhi would leave her Rai Bareli seat for Priyanka Gandhi. If this happens, Narendra Modi has to be even more careful. Our culture does not allow us to attack a female politician even if she belongs to the Gandhi family.

The 2014 Parliamentary election could be an election of elections. It has the potential to change the political paradigm of the country. Narendra Modi has been given an opportunity of a lifetime to do something great for the country. He can bring an end to the rampant corruption in the country and make transparency and accountability a permanent feature of our polity. He should act more like a statesman and less of a politician who is out just to win the election. Indian people have started to like him but he has to work harder to earn their respect. He has to kill the notion that politicians are the lowest form of life. He should never discuss religion and politics in the same breadth.

Our politicians have been feeding poison to the public for a very long time to get votes. Narendra Modi has to give tickets to the right people and keep alive the hope of the people that the day is not far when we would get rid of our 3rd rate politicians and we would start taking their names with respect. Both fundamentalist Hindus and Muslims have their own agenda but the mainstream India is not fundamentalist at all and it is the job and duty of a leader to bring them together. The political parties should not be allowed to use them as a political football to get votes. Narendra Modi should work very hard for the integration and not segregation of Muslims in the country.

It is a very good sign that people like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani and others have endorsed Narendra Modi to be the next PM and Amitabh Bachchan is playing the role of  the Brand Ambassador of Gujarat.

India is tired of the corrupt practices of the Congress party and we need a spark to ignite the flame against corruption and I am hoping that the country is ready for the job. I hope the following lines would be the country's reply to the Congress party:

Hum mohabbat aur nafrat, dono bahut shiddat se karte hain,
Kal tak khauf tha ki aapse juda na ho jaiye,
Aaj dua karte hain ki aapko dekhe bhi nahin!



Ram Nath Kovind

Ram Nath Kovind (born 1 October, 1945) is the 14th President of the Republic of India. He was sworn in as President of India on 25 July, 2017 succeeding Pranab Mukherjee.


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Narendra Modi (born 17 September, 1950) is the 15th Prime Minister of the Republic of India. He was sworn in as the Prime Minister on 26 May, 2014 succeeding Dr Manmohan Singh.


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