Corruption Private Limited is being liquidated in Bihar!

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  • Published on Monday, 13 December 2010 19:55
  • Written by Punyatma Sharan, Founder/CEO - PolityIndia.Com, has a BA (Political Science) from India and MBA (Finance) from USA.

seized_property_smThe Bihar government is living up to its promise to confiscate the property of corrupt officials and turn them into primary schools.

That is what happened at the home (picture attached) of former motor vehicle inspector (MVI) Raghuvansh Kunwar at Chaira village in Samastipur district. The government has already begun the process of setting up a primary school there.

Raghuvansh Kunwar was allegedly caught red-handed accepting a bribe of Rs 50,000 when he was the MVI of Aurangabad district on September 24 ,2008. In the course of investigation, vigilance officials found huge unaccounted for wealth. The official said Raghuvansh Kunwar's properties include two plots and a four storey building in Patna's Kankarbagh locality, a house in Chaira, a jeep, Rs 1.94 lakh cash and investments of Rs 8 lakh. "He owns property worth Rs 80 lakh," the official said.

A case of disproportionate assets was subsequently lodged against him in 2009. Raghuvansh Kunwar is not alone as hearings in disproportionate assets cases are under way against 12 government officials of the state. An official said all the cases were likely to be disposed of within the next six months.

While our parliament is still deadlocked over the 2G spectrum scam, it came as music to the people of Bihar, a state which was known for corruption and inefficiency for a very long time, when Nitish Kumar, while addressing the joint session of Assembly last week said that his administration has put in a lot of measures to ensure transparency in the government. Nitish Kumar declared a war against corruption after he became chief minister for the second consecutive term last month. Six special courts -- two each in Patna, Bhagalpur and Muzaffarpur  had been constituted by the state government with the permission of the Patna High Court for speedy trial of cases involving a sum of over Rs.25 crore. He has also asked his cabinet members to provide details of their assets online for everyone to see.

On the one hand, while Bihar is struggling to clean the state by going after corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, we also have someone like Anand Kumar in Patna, founder of Super 30, who is working very hard to provide free coaching (including a place to live and food) to 30 students of the economically backward community to prepare them for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institute of Technology. All the 30 students in 2008, 2009 and 2010 made it to the IIT. After the success of Super 30 and its growing popularity, he got many offers from both, national and international companies - as well as the government for financial help, but he always refused it. He wanted to sustain Super 30 through his own efforts. Anand Kumar has set up an example for everyone to emulate. His name has become so big that he can get a plum position anywhere in the world but he chose to stay in Patna. Instead of just making his own life better, he decided to make the lives of 30 students better every year.

It might take hundreds of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to give the state a dirty name but only a handful of people with good and honest intentions are required to fix it. I was having a phone conversation with one of his IAS secretaries and he told me that Nitish Kumar starts his day at 8 AM and it ends around 10 PM and he has only one thing on his mind '“ the development of Bihar. A very close advisor to Nitish Kumar said that the corrupt bureaucrats are scared to see Nitish even in their dream. Let us hope that there are more Nitish Kumar's in the country and this model can be replicated in other states.


+2 # Kalpana Rastogi 2010-12-16 01:21
Bihar is soon losing its most known industry which goes by the name of kidnapping and corruption. For a change it is pleasing to see the death of an industry although it means unemployment for many(pun intended). Thank you nitish ji for changing the face of bihar. We all need to stand by him - I mean even the corrupt officials should simply mend their ways and perhaps it might be repentence for all their sins and the people of Bihar may forgive them.
+1 # Gaurav Kundra 2010-12-25 12:44
It is sad that Media is not highlighting the steps taken by Nitish Kumar in the National media.This would shame the Congress party which has used every excuse in the book not to take action against the corrupt.
+1 # Jaya 2011-01-10 14:37
There are enough corrupt bureaucrats and police officials right in Patna who seem to protect the interests of those who keep their pockets happy. The CM may be interested in a clean image but the people he is surrounded by are making illegal money under his nose! Wake up CM Saheb!
# Kulwinder Aklia 2011-03-11 03:18
I was searching for something on internet. While googling, I saw your site. Initially I thought it to be any other website, but I am impressed to see the quality of your webpage. The content is of good quality. Bihar has today put details of 85,000 babus online.


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